Websites – Design, Build, Maintain, Educate

The websites shown below are examples of recent work. They represent a combination of redesigns, new designs, migrations from outdated websites to something more appealing and current. Some involved training website maintainers, re-hosting, managing DNS servers and various other technical items. I am open to a discussion of your needs and will customize my support as needed.

Custom Apps – Examples

Here are descriptions of a few Custom Apps that have allowed
my clients to ‘get a grip’ on their business processes.
The actual context can be just about anything. 

A not-for-profit organization logs various data needed for reporting and grant applications. The various grants each fund a series of cooking workshops for local residents. The data being recorded includes total and unique participants, staff, staff hours, volunteers, volunteer hours, meals cooked, meals served, and various notes for each of the 100 workshops held in the first 5 months of 2019. About 20 reports are available for supporting grant applications and managing the hundreds of participants, staff and volunteers. This custom app replaced a cumbersome spreadsheet, with a huge increase in productivity, useful information and staff satisfaction. 

A custom App containing patient information, with notes, testing status, testing results, insurance claim status, follow up items and meeting schedules in the context of genetic testing in an ophthalmology department of a major US hospital.

A custom App which helps a retail grocer track customer contact information, including special orders from the kitchen or farm.  Order history is maintained for future marketing. An iPad is used at the cash to enter customer info or to log or complete  an order. The App also prints labels for dozens of products coming from the kitchen.

This App tracks maintenance and repair history for a vehicle.   Provides a variety of reports such as  mileage and time between oil changes, cost of repairs, average monthly costs, month by month costs, annual costs, most expensive repair … etc. Easy to find the last repair by type, eg: right front brake replacement, muffler replacement etc.

Banking and credit card transactions are downloaded and imported into the database. They are automatically categorized based on the payee name. Many reports available for analysis of spending by month, year, category, tags, credit cards, cash etc. Easily answer questions such as ‘How much do I spend on groceries each month?’

An association management App which tracks contact info, issues invoices, logs payments, maintains balances, issues past due notices and reports on lots of stuff.  It is used to manage a road association which is responsible for maintaining 7km of private lanes, shared by 60 landowners.

A group of friends get together to share cases of wine of different types. Each person can order 1 or more bottles from each case. When the cases arrive, the App lists who ordered what and how many of each type, creates a delivery list, calculates how much is owed by each person and sends an email notifying the purchaser of the arrival, quantities and amount owed for each order.